Why I Love Taking Photos And Why You Should Too

Written by Janieca Bonamy

The idea of photography is simple. You take a photo and the image becomes your best souvenir to a memory you can make permanent. It captures not just an appearance, but also a feeling that will eventually represent your story to others.

Like a time traveling machine, photographs can bring you back to a singular moment in time to re-experience and feel the nitty gritty things that you still remember about the photo.

The power to freeze a fleeting moment is a motivation why people take photos of almost anything and everything nowadays. Believe it or not, photography has influenced our lives now more than ever before. Not only are cameras very accessible because of our mobile phones and gadgets, but there is also the existing hype within social media and the online world that urges people to share documentations of their big moments.

It’s not enough that we go about everyday seeing people, doing work and going to places in a monotonous, mechanical way. Excitement can be hard to come by and repetitive cycles of each day erode the feeling of thrill and anticipation. A lot of times we let each day go by unnoticed and we get caught up in mundane to a fast-paced life. The lack of variety in days that go by captivates an urge to actively search for newer adventures.

Simple days often get overlooked and weeks pass by unnoticed. Our ability to make everyday special creates the distinction that turns most ordinary days into an eventful highlight. But as days are filled with new adventures and experiences, the excitement we find in fleeting moments are reduced to memories leaving behind only the photos we keep as remembrances of them.

Because photography involves an appreciation of details, suddenly you notice lights, shapes, colors, art, people, building, material and flowers as well. You feel more alive living in that moment and everything around you starts to look different with each perspective. At its best, photography allows you to fall in love with a moment suspended in air.

So be crazy and have a little fun with photography. Surprise your friend with a million selfies on her phone, create albums of your recent hideaway at the beach or in the city, and take endless photos with the people you are with and the places you are about to explore.

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