Written by Lord Rebueno

With the temperature on a steady rise, it would only be fitting to set your sweaters, jackets and other outerwear aside to make way for summer essentials and start transitioning from layered looks to easy and breezy pieces.

To keep your cool under the sun, here’s a quick checklist on a few must have summer staples.

1. Tank Top

A definite must have for all dudes out there is a tank top. With the summer heat on full blast, these sleeveless wonders do a great job of keeping you cool. Make sure to pick out tan tops made from fabrics that flatter your body shape. Steer clear from super low cut douche-y styles that expose way too much man-cleavage.

2. Linen Shirts

The perfect way to dress up for those beach and pool side affairs is through a button down linen shirt. For upscale happenings, go for light washes in pastel hues. Alternatively, whites are always a good idea.

Tip: Leave a few upper buttons open for a cool and relaxed look.

3. Swim Shorts

A summer adventure isn’t complete without a swimming party. To prevent any major #fomo feels, stock up on a pair of basic swim shorts in all colors so you’re pool party ready — anytime anywhere.

4. Chino Shorts

You can never go wrong with linen shirts paired with chino shorts. They’re cool enough to get you through the day and dressy enough for those casual summer nights.

Tip: For that effortless summer style, pair your favorite chinos with flip-flops or leather boat shoes.

5. Wicker Hats

Summer is definitely wicker hat season. To keep the blinding UV rays in check, play off with different hat styles such as fedoras, porkpies or boaters for that cool, nautical appeal.

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