The Perfect Lipstick Shades For Your Skin Tone

Find the perfect match.

Our love for lipsticks is to infinity and beyond. They can instantly make us appear more vibrant and have the ability to complete our entire makeup look in mere seconds. The problem is that with hundreds and hundreds of shades out there for us to try, not every shade will be our best friend.

Sometimes what looks like the most beautiful color just won’t work when you try it on — but it’s totally not your fault! We all come in different shapes, sizes and colors, so it’s perfectly normal for us to not look good in every color there is.

Finding the perfect lipstick shade may be a tedious task if you don’t know what suits your skin best and what will look flattering no matter what you wear it with. But don’t worry! We’re here to help you out in that department!

First things first — what’s your undertone?

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Knowing your skin’s undertone helps tremendously. Why? It not only gives you a guide to choosing lipsticks, but also other makeup products like foundations! This small but crucial detail will help you buy more products and shades that suit your skin best without having to swatch for a whole hour at the store or playing a guessing game when you’re online shopping.

There are two kinds of undertones: Warm and Cool. But what’s the diff?

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Warm tones are generally those with golden or olive complexions, while cool tones are those in the fairer area of the skin tone spectrum. If in any case you’re finding it difficult to determine your undertone, you could also be a neutral. As the name implies, it’s a mixture of both undertones.

You’ll find a quick guide to figuring out what undertone you are under each section below:

Warm Undertones

Check out your wrist — are your veins leaning towards the color green? Do you live in gold jewelry? Then you most likely have a warm undertone.

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Warm-skinned makeup lovers should stick to shades mimicking the sunset — burnt reds, oranges, and corals. These will complement your natural skin tone and highlight your golden hues.

Those who hail from Asia, Southern America, and the Mediterranean usually have a warmer undertone, but of course anyone can have it. Celebrities like Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, and Shay Mitchell fall into this category, along with Asian celebrities we know and love — Lucy Liu!

Cool Undertones

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Got bluish or purplish veins? Silver jewelry work better with you than gold? Then you most likely have cool undertones.

Those on the cooler side of the spectrum are mostly fairly skinned. The hints of pink in your complexion will work well with magentas or ruby reds. You can also go for pink shades to make you appear more rosy and more vibrant. Avoid warm colors like oranges at all costs as thesecan make you look washed out.

Adele and Emma Stone are examples of celebrities with cool undertones. But Chanel Iman, Lupita Nyung’o, and Alek Wek also fall into this category, so it really isn’t just for the lightest of skin colors.


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If your veins look equally blue and green, then lucky you! Those whose skin has neutral undertones can basically make anything work. Silver and gold jewelry look equally good on you, and so will basically any lipstick shade!

Fellow neutral-skinned celebrities are are Kristen Stewart and Miranda Kerr.

What’s the verdict for morenas?

Morena women have the most beautiful skin tone. It’s neither too light or too tan, a perfect shade in between. That said, though, we tend to have warmer skin tones, so like we said before, stick to burnt shades in reds and oranges. But if you’re the type to experiment with a nude lip, then go for it!


And that’s it for our lipstick breakdown!

Let us know your fave lipstick shades and your skin tone below and let us know which one you think your fellow makeup lovers should give a shot! And while you’re at it, if you liked this article, don’t forget to give it a clap before you go! ❤

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