The Mane Event: How To Achieve Great Hair

If you’re constantly wishing for good hair days, look no further. Aside from regular hair washing, there are a few simple steps you can follow to achieve great looking hair.

From oh-so-important heat protectant products to weekly deep conditioning treatments, we let you in on simple but effective hair care tips that are sure to keep bad hair days at bay — everyday!

1. Heat Protectant Products

Hair care specialists know that to avoid hair from damage and breakage, it’s absolutely vital that you apply heat protectant products. Whether you choose one in a spray, cream or serum form, heat protectants do the very important job of keeping your hair safe from the damaging effects of heat induced styling tools. As a bonus, heat protectant products also contain anti-frizz properties that soften and smooth your hair allowing for better styling.

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2. Treat Yo Hair

Hair gets damaged everyday. Frequent sun exposure, over-styling and even a poor diet can be a major cause for lacklustre hair. To maintain healthy tresses, it wouldn’t hurt to undergo deep conditioning treatments every once in awhile.

3. Handle With Care

We all know that wet hair is more susceptible to damage. So avoid the habit of wringing your wet hair with a towel after you shower. Instead, do gently squeeze out excess water using your bare hands.

If you must brush hair while wet, use a wide toothed comb or better yet, simply run your fingers through your hair.

Another thing that causes damage on your locks? Too tight hair ties and hair styles. You’d be surprised to find out how much stress this causes your hair and scalp. To be safe, avoid pulling on hair too tightly and use hair ties that grip your hair just right.

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4. Make The Cut

Many factors contribute to hair damage and sometimes the quickest and easiest way to rid yourself of dry, brittle hair is to simply chop it off. While this isn’t an option for those looking to grow their hair out, a regular trip to the salon to get your ends trimmed should suffice.

Have any other tips on how to achieve great hair? Sound off in the Comments section below!

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