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The Kardashian Way: How To Do It Like Kylie Jenner

A guide to the youngest Kardashian sister’s style.

At the mere age of 20, Kylie Jenner has achieved just as much, if not more, as the rest of her sisters. Her cosmetics brand alone has made around $420 million in only 18 months, and is projected to reach $1 billion in sales by 2022.

The makeup mogul has definitely made a name for herself in the entertainment world, showing everyone that she’s more than just Kim’s little sister. In fact, Kylie’s influence is so huge that Snapchat lost a million dollars in stocks just because she tweeted that she no longer uses it.

Aside from her sharp business sense, though, we also love her signature style. Dressed up or dressed down, no matter what she’s wearing, Kylie always looks super chic. Not to mention that — as you would expect — her makeup’s always on point.

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Denim Dreams

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Kylie’s casual game is always on point.

The denim jacket is a classic closet staple than everyone should have. It’s a timeless piece that will never go out of style, and will go with pretty much anything. Its versatility can give an added edge to your ensemble.

Take it from Kylie who paired her oversized denim jacket with a sequined minidress. You can even go the extra mile with denim on denim — just remember to never pair the same shade of denim together!

Comfy in Hoodies

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Kylie’s known for her laid-back style. She often goes out in oversized sweaters, hoodies, and sweats. Pretty rare for one of the most-photographed celebrities, right? But with Kylie, everything she puts on just works, proving how much you can pull off whatever you want if you have enough confidence.

Stay comfy and wear your favorite hoodie or sweater over a pair of skinny jeans (the silhouettes will balance each other). If you’re feeling a bit extra, take a cue from Kylie and finish off your outfit with a pair of booties or skinny heels.

Body-Hugging Dresses

Kylie loves her to wear body-hugging pieces to show off her incredible figure. Take it from her and embrace your curves! Don’t be scared — it’s actually a big confidence boost once you see yourself in the mirror rocking your curves. So go for it, girl!

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Style icon Anna Wintour might have said to avoid wearing an all-black outfit, but our girl Kylie shows us that you can pull it off — and in dungarees, even!

She’s also gone for an all-white color palette several times, showing off the elegance of a monochromatic ensemble. These neutrals are classic hues and will never go out of style — plus, they can be paired with just about anything else you have in your closet.

Just keep your one-color outfit interesting by playing with different textures and styles. A statement piece like a lace top or a dungaree will definitely be an #ootd moment for you, just like Kylie.

Staying on Fleek

Kylie’s fashion might actually come second to her gorgeous makeup. She’s known for her love for beauty, having created her own signature style when it comes to makeup (AKA, her lips!). Her absolute love and passion for it has even led to a brand of her own, which has become a worldwide fave for its high-quality products.

Kylie never lets her brows go astray — they’re always groomed to perfection, keeping her brow game strong yet still natural-looking.

Along with Kylie’s beautiful brows are lashes that might actually go up the heavens if they were any longer. They’re always fluffy and individually separated, making her eyes pop out more. She might have gotten extensions, but you can totally achieve similar lashes with Benefit’s cult fave Roller Mascara and their newest Bad Gal mascara. You won’t even need to curl your lashes with these!

Kylie’s makeup staple? Her lips. She’s established her whole identity around her lips, leading her to create her famous lip kits.

Kylie tends to wears a different lip color everyday (we assume it’s from her own brand), and in various finishes like mattes, glosses, and velvets. Channel her style and wear different lippies to suit your mood. Whether it’s a pink gloss, a classic red lip, or even a swipe of a tinted lip balm, a bit of color is the perfect way to finish off your look.

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And that’s it for Kylie’s beauty and style rundown! Which one are you ready to give a try?

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