The 5 Most Popular Items In ZALORA Right Now | Women’s Edition

As trends come and go, we all can’t help but wonder what the greatest fashion and beauty pieces were. It’s that time of the year for another recap of the best-selling hits on the ZALORA site. We’ve gathered the top 5 fashion and beauty must-haves so you don’t miss out on what’s trending.

1. Matte Me Lip Birthday Suit

Today’s lippie on the limelight has many celebrities, make up gurus and beauty beginners gagging and craving for lipsticks in matte. If you’re looking for ZALORA’s “it” matte lipstick that’s constantly added to carts and shopped for, it’s the Sleek MakeUP Matte Me Lip. Although the Birthday Suit is an ideal choice for the Filipina copper-toned skin type, there’s also many matte shades to choose from.

2. Basic Sneakers

It’s no secret that white sneakers are all the buzz in footwear. It’s versatile and clean, casual look attracts all sorts of cool kicks lovers. Appetite’s Basic Sneakers can be worn with both your laid back and relaxed look or with your preppy and chic dresses and skirts when strutting down the metro.

3. Love Off Shoulder Top with Embroidery

Think festival culture and a Coachella-inspired look. ZALORA’s off shoulder top is a keeper and sought after for its classy and ultra-feminine vibe. With an embroidery detail of the sleeves, surely this fashion piece is a must-have for any style savvy chick.

4. V-Neck Sweater

With the rain pouring constantly this season, there’s no denying that a sweater is part of this quarter’s essentials. Mango’s V-neck sweater is a shopping hit for its incredibly comfy fit and convenience to match with your plethora of fashionable bottoms. In a perfect combination of comfort and style, this sweater is crafted to be your ultimate outerwear on any rainy day.

5. Tibby Sunglasses

This Sunnies Studios shades made it on the top 5 proving that sunglasses as accessories picks no season to star in. And because the sun never quits to shine, you should be on the ready to battle the rays with uber stylish shades. Tibby sunglasses feature gradient lenses and a sassy frame design that goes well with both your corporate looks from Monday through Friday plus your prim and proper outfits on the weekends.

Ready your closet for another fashion and beauty haul. These products are definite trendsetter when in your possession.

Let us know which one of these items are your favorite and share to us at the Comments section below.

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