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The 5 Common Summer Skincare Mistakes To Avoid

Plus the 3 new beauty steals I’m summer-loving.

Can you believe March is coming? Valentines Day has passed in a blink of an eye. Soon we’ll be closing the first quarter of 2018, and I’m not quite ready to let go of the cold breeze that was brought along by the late end of the “-ber” months (hello, climate change).

But if there’s one thing that’s bound to put a smile on my face, it’s the return of hubadera season.

More reason to show a bit more skin to keep the heat from getting to your head, but the change in season had me thinking, what are the common mistakes we do to our skin, and how do we change to a summer-ready, skincare routine?

Here are 5 of the most common skincare mistakes we commit as we enter the new season:

Mistake: Not applying enough sunscreen

Numero uno misconception is that we tend to only apply sunscreen once, and that won’t cover you for the entire day.

You need to apply sunscreen regularly , especially to your face. As in every couple hours if you’re outside basking in the sun, or immediately after getting your dose of Vitamin Sea.

Don’t forget overlooked areas such as the back of your neck, your ears, and your lips. Make sure to bring a travel-friendly product with reliable SPF such as the NUXE Sun High Protection Spf 50 for Face.

Bonus: it has anti-aging cellular protection which helps prevent dark spots from developing.

Mistake: Uneven sunscreen application

Take time to apply your sunscreen properly.

Applying your sunscreen right before you head out could mean that you’re rushing your application, which may lead to uneven protection. If you see red streaks and splotches all over your body, then you’re doing it wrong.

Give yourself at least 15 minutes to thoroughly apply your SPF so you don’t miss any spots. Or else you’ll be left not only with weird tan lines, but also with a painful sunburn.

Make sure you’re covered by applying an ounce of sunscreen as the recommended amount for your face and body.

Mistake: Stressing your tresses from the blazing heat of the summer sun.

Spending the time at the pool or beach, basking in the sun, thinking it will be très bien.

Like your skin, your gorgeous hair can accumulate chlorine, the heat of the sun, and salt water, which when combined can cause frizz, breakage and dryness; that’s mistake tress. Combat this common beauty woe and make sure that you get summer products ready for your hair too.

NUXE After-Sun Hair & Body Shampoo not only cleanses your hair, but refreshes your skin too, washing away all the salt, sand, and chlorine buildup.

Mistake: Not making a summer skin care switch

Sticking to your regular skincare regimen, meaning using the same products all year round, might only do worse than help your skin. Our skin adapts to seasonal changes, and in the summer, it’s best to switch to lighter formulas and opt for a dedicated summer skincare routine.

Heavier creams that are usually better during colder seasons can clog your pores, weigh your skin down, and worse, cause breakouts. These are most likely too rich for our humid weather, especially during summer. So better to switch to a lightweight lotion to avoid overly oily skin.

Mistake: Thinking that sunscreen is meant for the outdoors.

Even if you are indoors more than half of the day, you should wear sunscreen at all times. Though some windows may protect against sunburn-causing UV rays, these can’t stop all UV rays from damaging the skin, which results in premature aging a.k.a. wrinkles, dryness, sagging, and sun spots.

Experts say that you should always wear sunscreen, and don’t wait for the sun to shine to do so. Choose a broad spectrum SPF that protects against all types of UV rays, and with at least a Sun Protection Factor of 30.

NUXE Sun High Protection SPF 30 for Face & Body provides an ample amount of sun protection, even when you are indoors, and if you're looking into getting a tan, this protects cells from ageing and helps you achieve that perfect morena look.

Summer has always been known as the season of being laid back, but that doesn’t give you an excuse to be too lazy about caring for your skin.

The sun may be summer’s best friend, but it can be quite the enemy to your skin. Be sure to incorporate our tips into your daily skincare regimen. Have a worry free summer with no sunburns, dark spots, and hair damage. Feel sexy in your own skin. ❤

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Get started on your new summer skincare routine with natural and botanical ingredients.

Let us know your thoughts about the most common summer skincare mistakes and if we have missed on anything in the comments section below!

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