The 5 Best Lipstick Colors for Fuller Lips

These hues will make your pout look even more stunning

By Wulandari Natlia

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Choosing the right lipstick color requires a bit of thought. From your skintone (including undertones) to the shape of your lips, there’s a lot to take into consideration.

For those who are naturally blessed with full lips (and the rest of us who’d like fuller lips), we take out some of the guesswork with five lip color recommendations to make your lips look even more stunning.

Here are some for your consideration:

Candy Floss Pink

This color looks soft but not excessive, and works on a range of lip shapes and fullness. Plus, it’s versatile enough for both formal and casual events — simply top with a shade of red if you’re going for a slightly more mature look.

Use a lippie with a glossy finish to keep your lips looking ultra soft and kissable.


How better to draw attention to your lips than with a bold red lip? Every woman should own a classic red shade — just make sure to adjust according to your skin color.

Aside from your general complexion (fair, medium, or dark), you also have to take your undertones into consideration. Here’s a quick and easy test to figure out your undertones: look at the veins on your wrist. If they look more blue, you probably have cool undertones; if they look more green, you probably have warm undertones. If they look equally blue and green, you most likely have neutral undertones.

Warmer skin tones can go for brighter reds or corals. Cooler skin tones should go for darker shades— think hints of purple and blue. Neutral skin tones, you’re in luck: rock any red you want!


For formal evening events or a girls’ night out, berry is the a perfect choice. It’s sophisticated and has a hint of allure — the color reminds you of a glass of red wine.

Just pair with nude-colored or minimal makeup to let your lip pop and let this deep, rich shade steal the show.


This shade is for any woman looking for a fresh, youthful look. A rose matte lippie lends a “not a girl, not yet a woman” vibe, and is understated while still playing up your best asset.


Nude lippies have grown increasingly popular, thanks to the Kardashian-Jenner clan, who all have perfect full lips. The great thing about a nude lip is its versatility — it’ll work for any occasion and with any other makeup style, while still keeping your lips looking good.

For a no-makeup makeup look, just match your nude lippie with a swipe of mascara, and you’ll have nailed low-key chic. It might not sound like much, but trust us, it makes a world of difference. There’s a reason beauty gurus call the perfect nude lippie shade “your lips but better”.

Got any other tricks to make your lips look fuller?

Share them in the comments section below! And if you’re looking for new shades to try, head on over to ZALORA to check out more lipsticks.

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