STYLE VETERAN: 5 Quick-Fire Questions with Pauline Suaco-Juan

The Philippine’s version of Anna Wintour and Miranda Priestly, Pauline Suaco-Juan has gained a reputable name in style and fashion. Over the span 15 years she has dedicated herself to a career in molding Filipino talent and bringing innovation to the local fashion scene. Recently stepping down as long-time Editor-in-Chief of Preview Magazine, Pauline has come a long way from being just an avid style fan. Today, she continues to be an inspiration not only for women who try to make it into the fashion industry but also for journalists, editors, entrepreneurs, and corporate ladies.

Pauline’s contribution to the history and shaping of local fashion would include helping designers make a name for themselves, pulling off high-end production shoots and pioneering style trends.

Answering Zalora Community’s 5 quick-fire questions with poise and experience, Pauline Suaco-Juan proves worthy of being a high priestess of fashion in the Philippines.

Style to me is…

Self-expression. I think it’s the fundamental way to express yourself. First and foremost in fashion, it’s how you dress but beyond everything it’s a manner of speaking, writing, the way you live your life and how you design your life. This would include how you serve your food, how you raise your kids, the occasion you go to, the cultural events you choose. I guess style is the way you cultivate your life.

One word to describe my style would be…

Evolving. My style is better now.

One thing I would never be caught dead wearing is…

Never say never. Times change and even points of view change, collaborations happen, and reinvention happens. You can never predict just how far along the ship will be so better not to isolate anything.

The best piece of style advice I ever got was…

Keep going.

My ultimate style icon is…

Dead or alive? Pinoy or not? Just one? They’re so many. I like a lot of strong women who have definite points of view. I love Scarlett O’Hara. I like the Kates. I like Kate Spade, Kate Moss, Cate Blanchett. For Pinoy style icons I would say Tita Fe Rodriguez with how she lives her life. I like watching her. For me she is the best.

Pauline maintains a close relationship with fashion with little projects and collaborations. The latest being a judge to the first-ever ZALORA Style Awards last April 7, 2016.

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