Splurge Vs Steal: Beauty Edition

Written by Danica Hooper

Stretching your hard earned peso is hard. But admit it, there are some things you just can’t cheap out of life. Take beauty products as an example. Have you ever wondered which products you should fully invest on and which items you can actually get for a steal?

Lucky for you, I’ve come up with short guide on which products are worth the splurge and which products you can get for a steal.


Makeup Brushes

Trust me, investing in a good brush set will save you so much trouble in the long run. I’ve made the mistake of buying cheap brushes only to have them constantly shed their bristles.

Pro tip: Learn how to properly wash your brushes to help with its longevity.

Try: Suesh 16 Pieces Pro Personal Makeup Brush Set

Suesh Pro Personal Makeup Brush Set

Face Primer

Not only does face primer smooth out your skin for a clean and easy canvas, it also helps your makeup stay put the entire day. It locks in your foundation, concealer, and powder and leaves a flawless matte finish.

Try: Makeup Factory Makeup Base

Make Up Factory<br>Make Up Base

Eye Palette

Natural eye makeup is about the only thing that sticks in the beauty world. We go through blue eyeliner and gold eyeshadow once in a while but at the end of the day, going au naturale or at least accentuating the natural look wins over everything else.

Try: Sleek MakeUP I-Divine Eyeshadow A New Day

Happy Skin<br>Eye Love View Eyebrow Duo



Let’s be honest here, when you’re buying mascara, what you’re really paying for is the brush. So make sure you find a brush that will curl your lashes to perfection. Because other than that, all you should really look for in a good mascara is one that doesn’t clump.

Try: San San Cosmetics Waterproof Mascara

San San Cosmetics<br>Waterproof Mascara


Lipstick shades, much like fashion fads, don’t last more than a season. Of course you have your classic red lippie that will always be on trend. But switching from plum to nude season after season is a complete waste of money. Opt for cheaper alternatives with good pigmentation in classic and seasonless colors that you will use forever. No more regretting buying that super expensive YSL lipstick you only used.

Try: Lipstick Please Anjo High Shine

Lipstick Please Anjo High Shine Lipstick


There’s more to eyeliner than liquid or pencil. Most people forget that gel eyeliner is the easiest way to apply wings and is also much cheaper than the anxiety-inducing liquid liner.

Try: Sakiyara High Pigment and Waterproof Gel Eyeliner

Sakiraya<br>High Pigment And Waterproof Gel Eyeliner

Bonus Steal: Blush

A little bit of blush goes a long way. Find one that suits your skin tone for everyday wear and one that gives off that glow up you deserve.

Try: e.l.f. Face Blush in Glow

e.l.f.<br>Face Blush In Glow

Now stop worrying about your budget and start investing (or saving)!

Do you have your own set of splurge VS. steal beauty items? Share us your thoughts at the comments section below.

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