Off To A Great Escape

Travel and fashion — who wouldn’t want to experience both on a greater scale? Laureen Uy and Nicole Andersson went on an insanely breath-taking trip to Europe and it’s definitely an amazing chance to mix their love for adventure and a good set of style savvy outfits. From getting a taste of Mediterranean cuisine to diving into the pristine waters of Capri and strutting in style along the historic city of Rome, Laureen and Nicole are inspiring us to get out and go on a great escape.

Read on to find out how these social media celebrities travel in style and in comfort.

Laureen and Nicole are no strangers to the joys of travelling. As bloggers and social media influencers, they’ve gone on trips that have inspired many of their followers. Thanks to the Contiki Holidays, these two lovely ladies enjoyed their most recent, unbelievably beautiful and breathtaking escape to the Mediterranean.

Photos grabbed from Laureen Uy’s Instagram account

Going around various places in Italy, the two besties were able to get a taste of the air, the culture, and the view. Starting off their adventure in Rome and of course tapping into the most famous city of Athens.

In both their Instagram feeds (@laureenmuy and @nicole_andersson) anyone can find that these ladies definitely enjoyed the trip to anywhere they have never been yet around Italy and Greece. From unheard locations to very familiar places like Sorrento and Positano, you’ll definitely want to go off on a great escape like Laureen and Nicole.

Photos grabbed from Nicole Andersson’s Instagram account

Of course the trip won’t be complete without a series of OOTDs, scenic shots, and a whole lot of selfies with the bestie. Taking a look at Laureen and Nicole’s respective IG feeds, you’d notice the on-fleek makeup looks and gorgeous set of outfits.

For Laureen, when it comes to a long trip, her advice in order to pack light is to include pieces that you can easily mix and match. Nicole shares the same sentiment by packing clothes with multi-purposes. When it comes to travel essentials and beauty tips, they make sure to also keep it light and simple.

In a photo shoot and interview with the ZALORA team after their Mediterranean trip, Laureen and Nicole reveal that packing is easy when you have separates that work well together. We’re also fortunate enough to see the two showcase their travel-proof wardrobe and also show us makeup looks that go well with them. Apart from the genius makeup styling of Nikki Duque, Nicole and Laureen find that Sleek MakeUP works well as a beauty essential for your travels.

Laureen Uy and Nicole Andersson have always had a knack for travelling and dressing in style no matter where they are. In this great Mediterranean escape, we’re again inspired to go on an adventure that’s loaded with style and an abundant amount of fun.

Laureen and Nicole went on an amazing trip to Europe — and you could too!

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