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K-Style Special: The Jung Sisters

Major sister goals.

This Korean-American sister duo is loved by many in both the K-Pop scene and the fashion industry. Armed with good looks, musical skills, and a great sense of style, the Jung sisters have proven that they’re more than meets the eye.

The two sisters were born in San Francisco, California, but moved to Seoul after they were street-casted by S.M. Entertainment in a shopping mall. Jessica joined the agency first in 2000, with Krystal following her in 2006.

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The Jung sisters shone separately and formed their own identities in the industry. It isn’t really hard to distinguish the two by their looks — they aren’t twins, after all. But what sets them apart is their own distinct personalities.

Keep on reading and let us introduce you to the world of the Jung sisters!


A former member of Girls Generation (SNSD), the most successful girl group in K-Pop, Jessica Jung has made a name for herself in the world of fashion post-SNSD.

Her power vocals made us fall in love with her during her debut in the group way back in 2007. Unfortunately, certain issues arose which ultimately made her leave the group in 2014.

But that wasn’t the last we saw of Miss Jessica — she’s since relaunched her career as a solo artist and fashionista.

She’s been hitting it big these days with her fashion line Blanc & Eclare, which has 60 physical stores around the world. Alongside that, she’s always representing big designer brands, and doesn’t miss out on any Fashion Week shows, serving us some looks in the process.

I mean, just look at her casually meeting up with Steph Curry.

And have you seen her flawless skin? Check out her 2-minute breakdown of her routine:

Read up on our K-beauty glass skin guide for more tips on getting gorgeous skin.

Now let’s meet her other half….


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Just like her older sister, Krystal made her debut as an idol in girl group f(x). Before her start, though, she trained for three years starting in 2006, when she joined S.M. Entertainment. Krystal couldn’t train with her sister then as her parents thought that she was too young.

Born Chrystal Soo Jung, she’d actually rather be called Soo Jung than her stage name Krystal. Aside from being Jessica’s younger sister, she’s also the youngest member of f(x) as she was born in 1994.

If her sister is well-known in the world of fashion, Krystal has established herself as an actress. She’s been in a number of dramas so far like The Heirs, My Lovely Girl, Bride of the Water God — with our fave, Nam Joo Hyuk — and most recently, Prison Playbook.

Fun fact: she used to date Kai from boy-group EXO, who she used to train with as they share the same agency in Korea. Unfortunately, the couple broke up last year.

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The Jungs have come a long way since their debut. Despite being sisters, they’ve made names for themselves in different ways. Their busy schedules could’ve hindered them from staying close all these years, but they’re just as tight as ever and we can’t help but say that they’re truly #sistergoals.

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