In Rain Or Shine: Stylish Rainy Weather Essentials

As PAGASA advises us to brave for rainy days ahead, it would only be wise to equip ourselves with these rain essentials.

From handy umbrellas to outerwear and more, here are a few wet weather must-haves to help you survive the rainy season.

1. Jelly Shoes

Whether it’s the torrential downpours or unavoidable rain puddles here and there, rainy season can be very tough on footwear. And while water and stain protectors do a great job of guarding your leather and suede shoes from imminent rain, it is still not recommended for wear during the rainy season. Jelly shoes however, won’t get ruined when wet. Rain friendly and stylish, jelly footwear keeps you dry and fashionable 24/7.

Melissa Queen V Flats

2. Outerwear

The rainy weather usually leads to a strong to desire to sink into your warm sofas and binge-watch an entire season your favorite series. But even though you’re on DND mode, you’re bound to run out of your favorite tv snacks at some point. When you do, best to brave the rain prepare by throwing on some sort of outerwear to keep yourself dry.

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3. Rain Boots

A quintessential wet weather staple, rainboots have certainly come a long way in terms of design and function. They may be available in all sorts of styles and patterns, but they all promise one thing and that’s to keep your feet warm and dry.

Plueys Oooh La Lace Rain Boots

4. Waterproof Makeup

Don’t let the rain stop you from putting your best face forward. When the weather is pouring, waterproof makeup is the most obvious choice to keep your makeup intact.

Make Up Factory All In One Mascara Waterproof
Make Up Revolution Wow Stick Sunday Girl
NYX Cosmetics Full Throttle Lipstick in Firestorm

5. Umbrella

One of the most important rainy weather accessories, Nothing wards off rain like a good ol’ umbrella. Forget lugging around big and bulky payongs; compact folding umbrellas are the way to go

Latest Gadget Transparent Dome Umbrella

6. Hat

To keep your heads warm and dry, top off your looks with stylish a hat.

Alcott Con Banana Hat

Do you have more rainy and sunny day essentials to add on the list? Sound off at the comment section below.

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