Yellow Fashion: 5 Ways to Style This Feel-Good Hue

There’s nothing mellow about yellow

Photo by Pete Bellis

Varying shades of yellow have been seen making their rounds on social media and within the global fashion scene. To say the least, yellow has once again captured the fashion world’s fascination. Of all the shades from this sunny spectrum, one in particular has stood out from the crowd.

Miley Cyrus sports striking yellow pieces with Converse
An all-yellow ensemble from Mansur Gavriel at New York Fashion Week

Mustard Moment

Before this this latest color trend, if you browsed through your own wardrobe, chances are you wouldn’t have come across anything remotely yellow. Unsurprisingly, people shy away from this shade as it is, quite admittedly, more difficult to wear and pair. With its unmistakable vibrancy, the color tends to come off as garish and downright unflattering.

And yet, with street style trends moving towards unapologetically striking pieces and ensembles reminiscent of retro-chic fashion, a richer, multi-colored wardrobe is guaranteed to steal the scene.

Fashion & lifestyle blogger, Jessie Bush, dresses in a bright-yellow number for London Fashion Week

Though this mustard hue is far from groundbreaking, it was only very recently that it set out to reclaim its place underneath the fashion spotlight. Over the past few weeks, several high-profile individuals have been seen traipsing around dressed in this warm shade:

Fashion & lifestyle blogger, Aimee Song, out on the streets for New York Fashion Week
Martine Cajucom & Bea Soriano of Sunnies Studios decked out in all-yellow
Fashion blogger, Chriselle Lim, dons a yellow jacket

More than anything, apart from being a refreshing substitute to more neutral wardrobe palettes, this particular shade does a great job of reconciling the desire to stand out without appearing too gaudy.

5 Ways to Wear Mustard Yellow

Contrary to what you might believe, mustard yellow can be worn with relative ease. Though the color might be better-suited to a more casual setting, how and when you choose to wear it will always depend on your personal style. Whether it’s a Sunday dress, a cable-knit sweater, a maxi skirt, a leather bag or a pair of sandals, sunglasses or earrings, this shade will instantaneously add some much-needed flair to your everyday outfit.

1. Wear it as it is

What better way is there to embrace this color trend than to wear it plain or as it is? While going for an all-yellow outfit might be a step outside of your comfort zone, spicing up your #ootd every now and then certainly has its perks.

Martine Cajucom, a bonafide yellow-lover
Lifestyle blogger, Vina Guerrero, in a flowy yellow number

2. Pair it with white or denim

If this color’s piqued your interest but your sense of style involves safer, more monochromatic selections, don’t fret. Keep things casual and effortless by pairing this sunny shade with some white or denim material.

Fashion blogger, Laureen Uy, in a white & yellow match-up
Fashion & lifestyle blogger, Julie Sariñana, in a denim & yellow match-up

3. Play around with other rich tones

These days, it’s all about deep-colored tones and vibrant ensembles. Take a quick break from your neutrals and opt for something different. An emerald green or ruby red match-up with this topaz-like shade is sure to set you apart.

Aimee Song pairs her yellow dress with a rich green coat

4. Mix it up with prints

With the recent popularity of prints and florals, dressing in a printed yellow number means pulling off two fashion trends with one look. Or else make the color pop even more with some bold prints.

Jessie Bush in a printed yellow dress
Carmen Grace Hamilton in a yellow & checkered get-up

5. Wear it as a statement piece

If you’re looking to add a touch of character to your outfit, an eye-catching yellow piece or accessory will definitely do the trick. This style option might be best for those who are after adding only a hint of mustard to their look.

Jessie Bush flaunts a mustard yellow bucket bag
Mansur Gavriel’s yellow pairs
A vibrant yellow sweater, and sunglasses to match, from Topshop

Add a bit of sunshine to your day with this feel-good hue!

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