How To Organize Your Fitness Gear Like Khloe Kardashian

Written by Vina Elomina

Whether you’re a fitness buff or not, there’s simply no denying that Khloe Kardashian’s “revenge body” is every woman’s ultimate #fitspiration. Gracing the August/September cover of Complex last year, Khloe wowed the world with her new lifestyle and new body. Khloe isn’t shy about her love for working out. On a weekly basis, she posts workout photos on her IG, crediting her improved physical and mental health to different exercises.

But apart from her impressive workout routine, did you know that she has a whopping 150 square foot room in her Calabasas mansion dedicated solely for her workout apparel? Khloe eagerly gave a tour of her “fitness closet” on her app and showed us her intensely arranged KHLO-C-D closet. If her sportswear arsenal doesn’t motivate you to get your butt in the gym, then we don’t know what will.

A self proclaimed neat freak, Khloe shows us a thing or two on how to organize your fitness gears, the KHLO-C-D way.

By Classification

Although not limited to fitness gears, Organizing your things through classification is the best and simplest way to go. Grouping your leggings, shorts, tops, shoes, etc. together makes a huge difference in your closet. Making it easier for you to grab what you need even when in a hurry.

By Color

Arrange by color, from light to dark. Organizing by color creates a more neat and orderly look for your gears thus helping you identify which colors you have too much or too little of. This method isn’t solely restricted to color, you can also organize your closet through patterns and prints.

By Length

Here’s one method that’s sure to release your inner KHLO-C-D. Arrange your workout wear according to length. Arrange by sleeve length, inseam length etc.

Most of us probably don’t have a 150 square foot room intended for our fitness gears. But if organizing makes for an effective way to motivate us into working out and leading a healthier and more active lifestyle, then we’re all for the KHLO-C-D way.

If you’ve got more ideas on how to organize your sportswear and fitness gear, share them with us at the comments section below.

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