How To Get Glowing Skin, No Highlighters Necessary

As opposed to flat and mattified makeup, dewy and glowy skin is all the rage these days. And if you’ve been paying attention to recent makeup trends, one quick way to achieve luminous skin is through the use of highlighters. For those with oily or combination skin however, the use of highlighting products can quickly add excess shine to your already oily complexion.

To avoid emphasizing all that unwanted shine, read ahead on how to cop dewy skin through a natural looking base — no highlighters necessary.

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Use a damp sponge and blend

Damp sponges are best for achieving that light, airbrushed look. To use, wet sponge with water and wring it out. Next, dab the sponge onto a sheet of tissue paper to get rid of any excess water. Apply foundation directly onto your face and simply dab away and blend using the damp sponge. (I especially love this trick for sheering out foundation that’s too thick for my liking).

Insider tip: Beauty Blender makes some of the most impressive makeup sponges so do check their products out!

Mix in a few drops of liquid highlighter with your foundation

Turn matte to luminous simply by adding a few drops of your favorite liquid highlighter into your foundation. Do add in small doses to avoid too much highlighting product.

Up your skincare regimen

A good skincare regimen is always a must. Great skin means less makeup needed. What’s more, makeup looks and sits better on top of healthy skin. Your skincare routine need not be too overly complicated either. A simple three-step formula of cleansing, toning and moisturizing is good enough and will allow products to go on smoothly and evenly, making you look as fresh and natural as possible.

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Spot conceal

Luminous skin should look and feel light. The more product you have on, the less likely your natural radiance will shine through. Thus, instead of covering your entire face in a mask of products, apply concealer only to areas where needed.

Blot away excess oil

For your mid-day touch-ups, use a blotting sheet first to get rid of excess oil — only after can you add in more product. Ridding your skin of excess oil prior to doing your touch up prevents any form of caking — and a cakey look is anything but fresh.

So there you have it! Natural looking luminous skin is possible without the use of highlighters.

Have any other tips and tricks in mind? Do sound off in the comments section below!

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