How To Achieve Glowing Skin Using Highlighters

Summer is nearly over but that doesn’t mean you should bid your sun kissed radiant skin goodbye. With a little help from glow-boosting beauty highlighting products you can keep your skin radiant well past the summer season.

Aside from my favorite products, I let you in on my personal techniques to achieve glowing skin.

BYS Contour & Highlighting Kit
Suesh Contour And Highlighting Palette

Powder highlighters

Shopping for a highlighter can be pretty intimidating and daunting with so many brands releasing their own products. From the many different shades and formulas, choosing the right one can be downright confusing.

Highlighters in powder form are the most basic — they’re pretty straightforward to use so it’s highly recommended for those new to the whole highlighting game.

To use: Before applying make sure to tap off any excess product left on the brush (so you don’t end up looking like a disco ball) and simply dust it on the areas you wish to highlight. For better results, use a fan brush to apply. Don’t own one? Any fluffy brush should work just fine.

Happy Skin Glisten Up! Highlighter Cheek Stick
BYS brown Creme Contour Kit

Cream highlighters

Cream highlighters are my favorite because they’re the most natural looking (powder highlighters can tend to look chalky if not blended well). With cream highlighters however, you never have to worry about the product caking. Its emollient properties lend a dewy finish that looks fresh and very natural on the skin. I find that the best way to apply cream highlighter is through clean fingers as the warmth from my fingers help melt the product onto my skin, making for a more natural and seamless finish.

Insider tip: Cream highlighters work best for dry skin.

Liquid highlighters

Liquid highlighters are very similar to cream-based ones, with the former having a more runny consistency. What makes liquid highlighters so special is that you can mix in a few drops into your foundation for an all-over glow. I especially like to do this trick to foundations that are a little too matte for my liking.

Additional tips and tricks

Highlighters works well for different skin types. For those with combination to oily skin,skip highlighting from the the bridge of your nose down to your chin.

Got any other highlighter recommendations? I’d love to hear them in the Comments below!

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