GROUNDED ON INSPIRATION: An Interview With Randy Ortiz

When studying the history of Philippine Fashion, one can never overlook Randy Ortiz. His influence in the industry amasses to revolutionizing menswear and paving the way to a more refined and modern way of dressing for the gents. In his many years of designing and inspiring, we’re all left to ask, how does he do it?

ZALORA Community interviews the one and only Randy Ortiz as he reveals that inspiration and key factors of the past have become essential to his success. Read on and find out more about the genius that is Randy Ortiz.

In a collaboration with the ICanServe foundation and powerhouse local brand Plains & Prints, Randy Ortiz reveals two new stunning dresses that satisfies both principles of fashion and a cause so dear to his heart. Coined as the Heart of Fashion collection, Randy’s two new masterpieces are to help fight breast cancer and spread awareness. Here are his thoughts on his recent work and on the collaboration:

1) What do you love about the designs of the new Heart of Fashion collection?

It’s very wearable functional and budget friendly. Definitely a welcome respite from the usual intricate designs I work on day in day out.

2) How has it been working on the Heart of Fashion collection?

It’s been great working for something you love which is fashion, partnering with one of the premier home grown Filipino brands and at the same time being able to help thru the I Can Serve Foundation.

3) How important is it for you to support foundations like ICanServe?

My mother who passed away in 2001 was herself a victim of the disease and having the opportunity to help the cause in my own little way is gratifying.

4) Describe your collection in one word.


After creating statement fashion pieces under Sari-Sari, being the President of the Fashion and Design Council of the Philippines (FDCP) from 2002 to 2005, and then having collections featured in various international runways, Randy Ortiz has definitely secured a spot in fashion history. He has much to say about loving his work and what makes his job rewarding in many ways.

5) The best thing about being a designer is?

To translate ideas and vision into real clothes

6) What is the key to becoming a successful designer?


7) When you’re looking to get inspired, what do you do?

Travel and work at the same time and the eagerness to do my homework.

8) What keeps you excited about working in fashion?

The changing times and to remain relevant in today’s fashion landscape.

With much to accomplish in the years to come, Randy Ortiz never forgets what he has gone through and grounds himself in the many experiences he’s gained. Randy’s journey as a designer and overall fashion icon is truly an inspiration to all.

9) What is your greatest achievement?

The longevity and achieving a certain level of recognition especially among my peers, and how I have contributed to the growth of the fashion industry in general.

10) If you had to pick, Plains or Prints?

Prints……and Plains

11) Who is you ultimate style icon?

My mom has always been my ultimate fashion inspiration and style icon.

12) What’s the best piece of style advice you’ could give?

Fashion is a way of life; your personal style is reflective of yourself effortlessly.

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