Gift Guide For The Festive Season

Written by Prashanti Mohanan

Every festive season, our wants become, pretty much, boundless. Thinking about all the gifts we will be getting from friends and family, gets us on hedonist mode. Snazzy designer top, gorgeous lipstick shade and brand new electronic gadget in the market, we want them all! Aside from hoping to receive awesome gifts, we obviously also want to be great gift givers. Nobody wants to be “the one with bad taste” or “the cheapskate”. If you’re lost for gift ideas, check out this gift guide that we’ve come up with so that you can navigate the holiday season without the hassle of wracking your brains to pick out gifts for everyone!

1) Scents

This is a great gift if you know the recipient has a signature scent that he or she wears all the time. You can’t go wrong with getting them a bottle of their favorite perfume. Perfume for women usually falls in one of three categories — fruity, floral or musky. If you’re not sure whether she has a signature scent, simply ask yourself — which of the three types of scent would suit her personality perfectly? Cologne is also a safe gift for men. Just remember to pick a scent that’s refreshing and light!

2) Jewelry & Watches

There’s no woman that would say no to jewelry. When gifting jewelry, stick to elegant, classic pieces. Leave her to shop for statement pieces on her own. Statement jewelry is more difficult to pick out and really depends on the wearer’s personal style. Watches are another awesome gift for both men and woman. As with jewelry, go for sleek and sophisticated timepiece styles that are likely to appeal to everyone rather than flamboyant styles.

3) Purses & Wallets

How about clutch purses for your gal pals this Xmas? With all the parties they’d be attending, they’re surely going to need a couple of clutch purses to complement those party dresses. You could also playfully taunt your male friends by gifting them wallets and reminding them how they burnt theirs during the holidays.

4) Vacation

If you’re feeling especially generous this season, how about paying for a vacation for that perpetually frazzled friend who is in dire need of one? Give him a reason to take a couple of days off work and enjoy a short getaway to a nearby island destination!

5) Gadget

For your friends who still haven’t accepted the adulthood that has been thrust upon them, a gaming console like a PlayStation or Xbox would be a great gift. Allow them to revel a little longer in their denial of adulthood. For your more intellectual friends, a Kindle would be perfect!

What other items do you think make for amazing gifts? Let us know in the Comments section!

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