Fit and Fab: Mari Jasmine

We came to know Mari Jasmine (@mari_jasmn) when she debuted as a roving reporter for the lifestyle and magazine show Etcetera about two years ago. She had since gone a long way but she still remains as one of the local style icons that over 117,000 people follow.

Below are a few reasons why we think Mari Jasmine continuously serves as an inspiration to many when it comes to work, leisure, and well-being.

1. She is great at her job jobs.

Aside from her onscreen appearances, Mari displays her eloquence through hosting stints for events and collaborations with digital communities. Originally a model, Mari continues to star in both print and television advertisements. On top of all these, she also has a blog which serves as a space for her food, fashion, travel, health, and lifestyle chronicles.

2. She is a globetrotter.

Mari is no stranger to the jetsetter lifestyle. After spending the first five years of her life in Japan, she moved to Australia, where she spent her childhood and finished her schooling. Since then, she’s found herself in countries like Thailand, France, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Malaysia, and ofcourse, her current homebase, the Philippines. She continuously travels in and out of the country both for leisure and for work.

3. She looks stunning in anything.

Mari can effortlessly pull off any style whether she rocks a tomboy chic look with half-ponytailed hair, or dresses to the nines with a gorgeous ensemble. As for her signature looks, her style posts often feature comfortable basics and pieces with flattering cuts.

4. She is the health guru we all need.

Mari is passionate about health and wellness; she is an advocate of eating the right kinds of food. On her blog, she shares delectable recipes ranging from simple snacks to main courses, offers advice on fitness, and reviews restaurants as well as diet crazes that cater to those looking for healthy alternatives. As an added bonus, she also talks about her beauty regimen and makeup discoveries.

5. She is who she is.

One couldn’t help but be smitten by the elegance and beauty of the Japanese-British host. However, she proves that she is more than just a pretty face. Above all else, the passion Mari displays for her work and her advocacy shines through; her posts emanate the candidness and genuineness that are rare to find in the advent of influencers competing for page hits and follower counts.

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All photos retrieved from Mari Jasmine’s Instagram account.

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