Easy DIY Ideas To Give Your Clothes New Life

It’s September and do you know what that means? Fox’s “Scream Queens” is back for a new season! The show’s equal parts thrill, funny and chic. You have to admit, be it in a sorority house or a hospital, that the Chanels have got their A-game on.

We’ve seen some of our favorite casts go. Ehem, Nick Jonas and Diego Boneta! But we can’t really resurrect them unless Ryan Murphy says so. Although we admit defeat in such category, there’s still something we can do. Resurrect our departed (read boring) clothes back from the dead! We’ve rounded up some DIY projects that’ll bring your lifeless clothes to life. Transform them from blah to bam with these tricks!

Turn your old tee and lackluster shorts with the help of dye! You’ve likely seen this trend. It’s a definite no brainer too which makes it a favorite. All you need is a piece of old garment, water and your dye of choice. Ready for some ombre action?

Everyone from their uncle to their grandma has ripped their shirts and cut off their pants but this statement was further given a stamp of approval by Kendall herself as she rocked a statement piece one day. The internet definitely went nuts. Plus, all you need is a sharp pair of scissors. Go as daring or as minimal as you like. There are no rules.

Denim is such a classic piece but it can feel dull at times. A great and trendy way to update them is by adding some points of distress. Your weapons of choice? Scissors and a cheese grater!

Nothing like a good throwback eh? Get those cool patches out and start bedazzling your clothes! A jacket may seem like your first garment to experiment on but really you can do this with pretty much anything else. A snapback, a regular tee, a pair of shoes. You name it!

Feeling like a DIY diva? If so then why not transform your outfits completely? Give them new life by re-imagining them into a totally different piece. It may take practice and some patience but nothing beats the satisfaction of having to say “I made it” when people ask where you got your chic ensemble!

Breathe new life into your boring clothes with these DIY ideas and you’re sure to save bucks and earn fashion points (from Chanel herself) in the process. Now the question is, which project are you doing come the weekend?

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