5 Mistakes You Might Be Making When Shaping Your Eyebrows

Remember: brows are sisters, not twins

By Wulandari Natlia

Every woman wants eyebrows on fleek. Unfortunately, one of the hardest parts of putting on makeup is drawing on brows.

But you can actually make doing your brows in the morning quicker and easier if you start out with properly-shaped eyebrows. Grooming your brows into the perfect shape does requires some extra patience, but it’s actually not as difficult as you might think.

Just make sure to avoid these common mistakes:

1. Over-shaving your eyebrows

If you think having thinner eyebrows makes it easier to groom them and make them up, think again! In addition to looking unnatural, too-thin brows actually make you look older, so put down that razor.

If you have naturally thin eyebrows, though, you can fill them in with some wax and brow powder without looking overdone.

2. Making the shape of your eyebrows exactly the same

We’ve all heard that brows are sisters, not twins. Your face isn’t exactly symmetrical, so your brows shouldn’t be either.

If you insist on making your eyebrows exactly the same, they’ll look fake. Make small adjustments to how you shape your brows based on the way each of your eyes and each side of your face is shaped.

3. Drawing from the base

If you start drawing on your eyebrows from the base, they’ll end up too thick and unnatural. The trick is to start from the middle of the brow.

Draw short, light strokes from the center to the end of your brow, following the direction the hairs are growing. Once you’re done, grab a spoolie brush and brush from the center down to the base to blend in the color.

4. Using the wrong color

When choosing brow products — be they pencils, wax, powders, or mascara — you might think you should choose the same color as your eyebrows. Instead, go for products that are a shade or two lighter than your natural color. Trust us, it’ll look way more natural.

5. Senselessly copying other people’s brow shapes

You might want to have brows just like Emma Watson or Gigi Hadid. But before you start copying their look, you need to figure out if the shape of their eyebrows matches your face. Find out your face shape and the sort of eyebrows it’s suitable for before copying your fave celeb’s brows.

Getting the perfect eyebrow shape requires no small amount of experimentation and practice. But avoid the mistakes above and you’re already halfway there. Need a head start? Head on over to ZALORA to check out brow products and other makeup. Good luck!

Got some other brow-shaping tips? Share them in the comments section below!

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