Best Braids: Top 3 Braids For Your Long Locks

Tired of the same of hairstyles for your long hair? Treat your luscious locks to a set of braided hairstyles and give it a chic feminine makeover.

Here are 3 must-try braid hairstyles for long hair for you to try now!

Headband braid

Unlike a regular headband, the headband braid never falls off your head. First, brush your hair until it is reaches a tangle-free and follow these steps:

1. Isolate three sections of your hair, preferably from the top right hand corner of your head, closer to your right ear. Braid the selected portion of hair in the traditional way

2. Braid the selected portion of hair in the traditional way

3. From along the hairline, start including small sections of hair into the braid

4. Keep the braid close to your hairline

5. Continue the braid until you reach the left side towards your ear

6. After reaching your left ear, detach from your hairline and twist in a regular braid

7. Place the loose braid underneath and pin it in place

8. Spray the braid with a medium hold hairspray and style the rest of your hair by curling it

Best For: Your everyday hairdo

Ponytail braid

The best thing about braids is that you can wear it with your updo’s, lose locks, and even your regular ponytails. You can choose to braid the central section of your hair, or have two separate braids from both sides of your head converging into a ponytail. For a central braid:

1. Isolate a portion of hair from the middle of your head.

2. The plait should start from the beginning of your head (from your hairline in the forehead section) right down to the middle.

3. Once you have reached the middle, secure the braid with an elastic band.

4. Take a strand of your hair to wrap around the elastic band to give it a cleaner look.

Best For: Smart casual looks and a stylish accent to semi-formal outfits

Braided top knot

This top knot braid features the best of both worlds: a bun and a braid.

1. Pull your hair into a long sleek ponytail

2. Select a section of hair from the ponytail-this will serve as the braid

3. Braid the selected section all the way down to the end, and secure it with a hair tie.

4. Make the rest of your ponytail into a bun and secure it in place (excluding the braid at this point)

5. Once you have secured the ponytail into a bun, twist the braid around the bun and secure it in place with pins.

Best For: Fancy and formal events

Gone are the days of a wild mop-style, lose frizzy hair, and tangled long locks. Braids are the easiest and most convenient way to keep your hair styled and a tad more elegant. From simple chunky braids to intricate fishtails, braids will definitely give for your long hair an extra touch of style.

What are your favorite braid styles for your long hair? Let us know in the comments below!

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