An Eye For Design: A Z-Crew Feature On Miko Carreon

Written by Zai San Miguel

Miko’s IG (@mikocarreon) and blog offers up more than his love for architecture. His feed is clean and his photos are warm — almost neutral in composition. He documents a variety of subjects such as interesting architecture, beautiful scenery, OOTD photo ops and his everyday life experiences. And if there’s anything Miko’s feed shows us, it’s that he has an incredible eye for good design. Leave it to Miko to teach you a thing or two about achieving a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed.

Miko Carreon’s feed boasts great pictures that boast even greater aesthetic. The color coordination of his feed shows how much effort he puts into the photos that he posts.

More than the photography that clearly is very expertly taken, his earthy, stonewashed photos show his determination to make everything coordinated and unified, which he achieves in editing and waiting for the perfect timing for the best lighting.

Taking photos from all over the globe, Miko captures the right photos for his feed to look smashing. The coherency of the hues that he posts is also worth noting. Never sacrificing quality over quantity.

Consistently posting photos from his everyday escapades, this blogger surely practices consistency with his filters, lighting and color palette.

With a feed that is theme perfect and a feast for the eyes, Miko Carreon has a knack of creating a killer Instagram feed. Capturing what he finds beautiful and works with it. With a feed that’s uniquely him, his photos stand out and impress.

And if you want more pointers on how to have a lovely Instagram that stands out, Miko is definitely one to follow.

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All photos are grabbed and edited from Miko Carreon’s Instagram account.

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