A Beauty Makeover For The Holidays


We’re only days away to year-end parties and some of the holiday celebrations for December are already in full swing. With all the appearances and gatherings you’ll be showing up for, you’ll need to look your very best and let out your most radiant aura ever. You’re going to need all the prep work and proper pampering.

We’re giving you a guide to get you ready from head to toe and all set to dazzle on the holiday season.


Care For Your Hair

It’s time to get rid of the frizz, split ends and treat your strands to a full on makeover at the salon. Good-looking hair begins with a healthy scalp. You can start at home by giving yourself a scalp treatment that strengthens your hair condition. The best way to ensuring best hair day on Christmas is to maintaining your lovely locks with the best hair care products. Also ready your beauty kit with basic hair tools like a brush, hair clips and ties so you’re always ready for an impromptu hair makeover.


Prep Your Pearly Whites

While smiles and laughter are common this holiday season, you can’t neglect the importance of also caring for your teeth. Ready your pearly whites as you proudly flash them along with your mesmerizing smile. Even if you brush your teeth twice a day, it may be impossible to get rid of the yellowish tinge that is caused by certain foods and beverages over time. Besides diet, natural ageing is also a factor that discoloring in teeth. If your teeth affects your smile and in turn your confidence, consider going for a teeth whitening treatment so you can truly let your smile shine through at every party.


Perk up tired-looking skin

You’ve worked hard in 2016 and the chances are that the stress shows up on your skin. Treat tired-looking skin with a pampering facial treatment. Look for beauty and skincare products that can energize your skin quickly and get it all fresh and glowing in time for Christmas and New Year.


Build Your Beauty Bag

In preparation for not only your makeup looks for the holidays but also for your new looks in 2017, you need to stock up. First, you can research on beauty trends and makeup looks that suit you. Then start hoarding items that you can add up into your makeup kit. From varying lipstick shades to makeup tools like tweezers and curlers, you’re on your way to a better and more beautiful you in no time.

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