5 (Subtle) Ways To Start Your Modeling Career

Modeling is not as easy as it looks. It’s a business, a career, and a bustling industry. The whole concept of modeling has evolved and beyond seeing models as mere walking hangers wearing clothes, we now see confident men and women strutting down the runway in perfect poise. From the sought after Victoria’s Secret Angels to the much awaited episodes of modeling shows like AsNTM, we’re well aware that it takes more than a pretty face.

If you’re aspiring to be a model, be wary of the time, effort commitment, and patience that come along with the tedious journey towards this dream job. Read on and find out about 5 subtle ways for you to start your modeling career.

1. Treat Your Instagram as Your Portfolio

Instagram is where you can verify if your looks and poses are thumbs up or a flop. It’s important for your audience to see a range of characters in your shots so don’t forget to mix up your portfolio. Include professional-looking head shots, OOTD’s, editorial, and makeup photos to create diversity while you build your repertoire as a model. Know your angles, take note of your progress, and use hashtags to your advantage in gaining exposure from followers and likers.

2. Do Your Own Little Bits of Research

Taking on the whirlwind journey to becoming a model entails a series of research on the industry, the people, and the job. Get educated and use up all the easily accessible information on the internet, television, and other forms of media. Talking to friends involved in the field and hearing out experiences are also great ways to grasp the reality of modeling as a career.

3. Build, Develop, and Stand Out in Your Signature Look

Stock up on a closet full of stylish clothing, fashion accessories, and bags. While you get your personal style figured out, you begin to develop your personal character and shape your “signature look” while you embark on building your modeling career. Take inspiration from the supermodels–if Coco Rocha is for gravity-defying poses and Gisele Bundchen gives the Brazilian bombshell vibe, keep asking yourself, what’s my signature look?

4. Volunteer and Immerse Yourself in the Industry

Get busy and offer to pose for small gigs like a college shoot and even volunteer as an editorial assistant at a fashion magazine. You can also try your hand on related jobs like being a stylist or a photographer. When the going gets tough, remember that even the great likes of Solenn Heussaff started out as a makeup artist before working towards being a model.

5. Prep Your Body with Proper Diet and Exercise

Take care of your body and keep it in great shape. Keep a healthy lifestyle by drinking lots of water and going on a strict diet mix of fruits, vegetables and lean meat. Then complement your healthy eating habit with a workout that energizes and helps your muscles move from time to time. Let’s not forget the importance of sleep. Your body needs to recuperate and keep up if you’re aiming to jumping in between shoots and fashion shows.

Trust in the process and change that comes along with these five subtle ways, give it a little time, and learn to charge it to experience. You’ll be conquering runways and magazine covers before you know it.

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