5 #Hashtags For Your Next BFF Photo

We live in the so called golden age of social media and taking pictures with your best friends has never been the same. It’s no longer just about snapping and sharing. Somehow, people have come to terms with extracting their creative juices to come up with memorable trinkets that are not only #tbt worthy but also #Instagrammable.

In fact there’s more to a photo than simply a memory frozen in time. Witty captions accompany every image and let’s not forget about the matching obligatory hashtags. Speaking of which, behold the following hashtags for your next bestie photo!

Photo grabbed from www.instagram.com/p/BE3Ph61yGhL


Stuck at home? Don’t have enough bucks to fly out of your city? Worry no more because you can make good memories and take great snaps of it in the comforts of your own home. Think about an old school sleepover. A movie marathon perhaps? Who doesn’t want a little slumber party action anyway? Bring out your PJ’s people and bust out your wackiest onesies!

Photo grabbed from www.instagram.com/p/BCFnBK9iyf8


Whether you’re literal twins or twins by heart, it doesn’t hurt to get some matchy-matchy action. Gone are the days when pairing outfits with your friends, sibling or even significant other was considered too cheesy to handle. Besides, no one ever said that #twinsies meant wearing the exact same outfit. Well you could do that or you can get creative with color and pattern variations.

Photo grabbed from www.instagram.com/p/8t3x4ju2Xh


Nothing beats an epic squad photo. Whether it’s by the beach, in an empty street, inside your favorite diner or what have you, a squad photo is all about having fun and owning the moment. Think about it as something that would make you smile or get you rolling with your stomach in laughter. After all, bestie moments are supposed to be fun!

Photo grabbed from www.instagram.com/p/87b_kMEFwB


How does a bestie adventure sound like? Ticking off a major item in your bucket list with some of your favorite people in the face of the planet is a major cause for celebration especially when it’s something that you guys have always dreamed of. Skydiving, travelling the world, swimming with sharks, posing ala Blaire and Serena in the Met Steps, camping under the stars or whatever your definition of adventure is deserves an equally amazing photo.

Photo grabbed from www.instagram.com/p/yxNOXGjvCz


There’s this thing that you and your best friends have that can never be stolen from you. It’s called history. Isn’t it fun driving down memory lane and revisiting all those good memories together? Sure, these moments may be too goofy for your taste but they will surely bring a huge smile across your face. Besides, wouldn’t it be fun to see how much you guys have grown over the years?

We all love a good bestie photo. Twenty years down the road and many of us are likely flipping through old albums or scrolling down vintage Facebook and Instagram reminiscing the good old days. Now, which hashtags are your photos likely to have?

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