5 Easy Ways To Reinvent Old Clothes

Written by Zai San Miguel

Whether you’re a fan of all things DIY or are just looking to turn old to new. Here are a few clever ideas to easily reinvent your ordinary clothes into extraordinarily stylish pieces! So get ready to trim, embellish, distress and color with these easy DIY tips and tricks!

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To add some personality into your clothes, embellish it. For a cool, grunge chic look, try adding studs. If you’re going for a more dainty look, DIY a pair of cut off shorts into cute daisy embellished denim shorts.

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Bored with your old jeans? Transform them into edgy distressed jeans!

Dye It

Unleash your inner hippie by tie dyeing your plain shirts into colorful numbers. Have fun creating colorful ombres in fun and funky patterns.

Penshoppe Denim Shorts


DIY Muscle Tees

Are your tees begging for a makeover? With the sports trend on a steady rise, now’s the perfect time to turn them into funky and fashionable muscle tees. All you need is an old tee and a pair of scissors.

DIY Jean Shorts

With summer in full swing, there’s really no better way to beat the heat than in a pair of cute shorts. Take an old pair of jeans and turn them into sexy cut off shorts with just a pair of scissors.

DIY Skinnies

Turn your wide legged, baggy or flared jeans into your next staple skinnies with a little trim and a little cut. This however, would require a sewing machine and a bit of sewing knowledge. So if you don’t have either, best to have your trusty mananahi alter for you.

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If you’d like your pieces to be longer, try adding an overlay or underlay of fabric. Whether it be a flounce hem, lace overlay or trimming, your options are endless!


When it comes to style, it’s always best to experiment and try new things. So don’t be afraid to take a risk when it comes to fashion. Mix old with new. Try on different outfit combos to come up with a whole array of new outfits that slay.

With a little creativity and imagination, your options for reinventing are limitless! What’s so great about DIY is you get to tweak your pieces according to your own taste and size.

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