5 Celebrities Who Nailed Floral Fashion

Written by Prashanti Mohanan

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When wearing florals, it can be very easy to fall into the trap of looking like a 1950s housewife or a florist with a questionable sense of style. Obviously we’d want to avoid either of these looks. Floral prints can look RAVISHING when worn the right way — just like these 5 celebrities wear them. Channel botanical prints in a fashion savvy way taking style inspiration from these stars!

Wear it Dramatic like Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens absolutely dazzles in this gorgeous halter-neck gown with large white and red floral patterns. The white base, keeps the prints subtle and sweet, and therefore not too overwhelming — impeccably complementing the dramatic silhouette of the dress.

Wear it Avant Garde like Tamsin Egerton

The abstract floral print designs on a retro style shift dress and hairdo make for the flawless combination of classic and avant garde. Tamsin Egerton channels an immaculate mix of Old Hollywood glamour and futuristic barbie doll at the same time. How she does it is beyond us. What we do know though is that she looks amazing.

Wear it Sleek like Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev keeps it cool and simple with a navy blue gown and red floral prints which complement her tanned skin perfectly. The prints add the much needed splash of color and flair to the otherwise basic, ‘no-frills’ gown.

Wear it Bohemian like Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandra Ambrosio looks almost ethereal in this white maxi with botanical prints. The earthy prints on white chiffon fabric, coupled with her naturally tousled hair, bare feet and sunglasses on her head screams bohemian.

Wear it Sexy like Salma Hayek

How Salma Hayek manages to look this good while pushing 50 is astounding. Her choice of a black figure-hugging midi dress, cinched at the waist and printed with red roses is both classy, with a modest hemline and neckline, as well as sexy as it flaunts her glorious curves.

Let us know how you channel floral fashion? Which celebrity style is your favorite? Share your thoughts with us in the Comments section below!

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