10 Tips To Upgrade Your Bedroom’s Look

At one point in our lives, we all have that inclination to make our bedrooms look like they’re ready to be featured in the pages of a home magazine. So whether you’re an interior designer by heart or just looking to give your room a major makeover, keep your personal space interesting by refreshing your it with a few of these hacks.

1. Tidy up

The most obvious change is to first tidy up your things. Practice the throw, store, and donate method so you can easily allocate things inside your room. By doing so, you instantly lighten and brighten your bedroom’s overall ambiance.

2. Rearrange your furniture

The layout of your bedroom influences its overall mood. So do navigate and maximize the space according to how you’d like the overall feel of the room to be. If your bedroom doubles as your work space, place a table you can easily work and add in a lamps for ample lighting.

3. Add an accent wall

You can either paint your wall with a bold and bright color or put up patterned wallpaper. This idea makes for an inexpensive and interesting solution to giving your room a splash of color and a dose of personality.

4. Perk Up Your Bed Sheets

Set the tone and theme of your room by matching your sheets with your wallpaper. Minimalist looks usually call for neutral toned bedding while boho-chic spaces calls for prints and earthy palettes.

5. Place flowers and succulents

Breathe new life into your room by installing a few indoor plants. Not only will this improve the overall air quality by filtering out toxins, this addition also infuses color and life into your space. To do this, place a few lovely vibrant blooms to contrast other ornaments found in your bedroom such as figurines and frames. As a bonus, plants are fairly low maintenance.

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6. Style with curtains

Depending on the color, the fabric, and drapes, curtains (like bed sheets) help influence your room’s motif. It can also control the brightness and saturation of light that enters your room. As a tip, match curtains with your sheets for a more cohesive theme.

7. Decorate with art, photos, and fixtures

It’s all in the details. Various art works, photos and fixtures add personality and sophistication to your bedroom. If you’re the creative type who’s very much into art, feel free to hang your DIY artworks and masterpieces. If you’re the sentimental type, photos of friends and family coupled with your favorite inspirational quotes work well too. Remember, your artsy fartsy soul need not be constrained in cyberspace.

8. Hang your lights

Instead of placing lamps on the floor or on your bedside table, save some space and hang your lights instead. Replace overly bright fluorescent lights for warmer lighting for that cozy and relaxing atmosphere. If you’re going for a more whimsical effect, install string lights over your bed or around your headboard.

9. Stay consistent on details

Think of a theme or mood and stick to it. For starters, you can carefully match your sheets, drapes, wallpaper and other furniture and accents with the theme of your choice.

10. Infuse with a scent

Rooms are not all about visual cues. Aromatic candles in unique scents can instantly transform your room into a place of rest and relaxation. You can also use room perfumes or linen mist to calm and soothe your senses.

Do you have your own set of tips for decorating your bedroom? We’d love to know more about them. Share them with us at the comments section below.

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